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Artwork done by Nauris Krause
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Deendragon didn't like us going after his teammate so he opened a wormhole to lay siege on our new base. I had a highliner hidden in a nearby system loaded with troops. When I saw he wasn't closing the wormhole I slipped my highliner through and attacked his base on the other side. Now his wormholes are opening at my home bases and fresh troops pour out.
TerraTanks: Dominion is a persistent browser-based game (PBBG) set in space.
News 10-16-2008 - Tweaks
I did some high level spread sheet looking at costs of units versus how much damage they deal and I tweaked some unit costs and potency of some units. For the money, bigger tanks are more effective than smaller units although you get the regular combination bonuses. Sappers are still the most effective thing against buildings but are now really bad agaisnt troops. They do give you attack bonuses against tanks but are worthless if they are attacked.
Just to let people know, the changes to the space defense do not affect how it deals with getting nuked if you have space defense level 2. If someone tries to nuke your planet their highliner will still die instantly 100% of the time if you have a space defense building and space defense level 2 researched.

10-08-2008 - Space Defense change
I have changed the way that space defense works. When a highliner arrives at a planet with enemy space defense that building has a small chance to blow it up immediately. Each building has a 1-in-35 chance. The more space defense you have the better chance you have to kill the highliner. Space defense level 2 also increases this chance. You can never have better than a 1-in-3 chance. When you push the button to shoot down the highliner you have a chance of missing and it will cost you an action point. Currently the button has a 1-in-4 chance of hitting without space defense 2 and 1-in-3 without it.

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Video Tutorials

Given the complexity of the game I thought I would provide video tutorials to guide you through the interface.
Tutorial 1: Overview of team structureTutorial 2: Map and planets
Tutorial 3: Taking over a planet